An appreciative approach to School Improvement Planning

On Friday I will be presenting to Principals, Superintendants and Managers at the Ottawa Carleton District School Board.  I will present a very short overview of an Appreciative Inquiry event  I helped organize last spring.  Rather than focusing on the details of that event, I wanted to give an overview of the principles of Appreciative Inquiry to suggest that it is a worthy approach to incorporate into School Improvement Planning.  My point is not to offer a step-by-step methodology, but rather an overview of the productive potential behind shifting perspective from one that looks for weakness and aims to find solutions to those problems, to one that looks for strengths and aims to create the conditions under which those promising practices can spread and take hold across an organization or school.  I prepare the following slideshow to share.

3 thoughts on “An appreciative approach to School Improvement Planning

  1. I checked out your slide show. Great content. Is there any way that you can work in time to either have them do a short interview or if your are pressed, at least share some short, appreciative stories, and perhaps some brief ideas for each of the other phases of appreciative inquiry? Any experience you could provide might really help “sell” it.
    Best regards,
    RJ Johnson

  2. Hi RJ,

    Thanks for your input – I really appreciate it and I wish that I had thought to grab some feedback in the form of a video to include – what a super idea. I will be sure to do so next time. Thanks again!


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