Mom to Violet and Donovan. Wife to Brent. Vice Principal to 530 students at W. Erskine Johnston PS in Ottawa, Canada.  My current areas of professional learning include:

  • leading from an appreciative inquiry perspective
  • responding creatively to the constraints we encounter
  • the brain and gaming in learning
  • visual literacy

I shoot with a Canon Rebel TS-1 and hope Santa is good to me this Christmas ;o)

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I enjoyed your blog today. I am a university professor. I teach art education at the undergraduate and graduate level at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas. I live in Plano, however. Plano is 30 miles west of Denton.

    In any case, my research area is online learning. All of my undergraduate and graduate classes are online and I am constantly looking on the net, particularly amongst bloggers, for new ideas to improve the learning experiences and community of my online classes.

    I am very passionate about online learning and I am trying many different ways to integrate a constructivist approach into my online classes. This is tough considering the university only provides us with Blackboard which has limitations for implementing a totally constructivist approach. Nevertheless, I try and I feel I am developing some first hand knowledge about what works for me and my students.

    I have been teaching online for over eight years and I feel there has been a lot of trial an error. My favorite author these days on online learning is Rena Palloff. She has just come out with a revised edition of her book about building online learning communities. Are you familiar with her and her books?

    I would love to correspond with you as you have the time. We seem to have the same viewpoint, even though we teach/learn different subjects.



  2. Mrs. Smith, I really like your blog. It looks really good and your posts are really interesting. In fact, I think I spent my whole night browsing on your blog.

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