Student Technology Leaders

As the Computer Contact Teacher (read jack of all things wired and wireless) at my rather large K-8 school, I have started to recruit Intermediate ( Grade 7 and 8 ) students to perform some of the basic troubleshooting that I would normally do prior to placing a call ticket to have a field technician come out to address a problem.  Really, these kids know more than I do about most of the technology that we are using in our school anyway.  I wanted to find a way to post the various computer-related issues that teachers email to me in a way that my Student Technology Leaders would be able to access them and perform the basic troubleshooting at recess.  I read a review of projecthingy and it seems I have found my solution!  I embedded the code on our Digital Media Club blog and voila!  I have a login-access work area where I can post the ‘problem’ and assign it to a student.  The student can then login, find out what has been assigned to her/him, troubleshoot and post a message letting me know if the problem is fixed or provide further details to pass along in the call ticket.  I love it!